Recent Diamond Finds

 Date of Find   Home State of Visitor   Color   Weight 
2/28/2017 Missouri Brown 0ct. 45pt.
2/27/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 3pt.
2/25/2017 Louisiana Yellow 0ct. 4pt.
2/25/2017 Missouri Yellow 0ct. 12pt.
2/25/2017 Arkansas Yellow 0ct. 23pt.
2/24/2017 Texas White 0ct. 39pt.
2/24/2017 Mississippi Yellow 0ct. 4pt.
2/23/2017 Vermont White 0ct. 39pt.
2/23/2017 Texas White 0ct. 7pt.
2/19/2017 Vermont White 0ct. 19pt.
2/19/2017 Tennessee Yellow 0ct. 3pt.
2/19/2017 Texas Brown 0ct. 48pt.
2/18/2017 Ohio White 0ct. 9pt.
2/18/2017 Arkansas Yellow 0ct. 3pt.
2/17/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 10pt.
2/13/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 50pt.
2/13/2017 Texas White 0ct. 11pt.
2/12/2017 Oklahoma Yellow 0ct. 58pt.
2/11/2017 Arkansas Yellow 0ct. 10pt.
2/7/2017 Arkansas Brown 0ct. 15pt.
2/6/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 62pt.
2/4/2017 Texas White 0ct. 5pt.
2/4/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 80pt.
2/3/2017 Arkansas White 0ct. 9pt.
2/3/2017 Louisiana White 0ct. 22pt.
2/1/2017 Texas White 0ct. 12pt.
2/1/2017 Vermont White 0ct. 3pt.
2/1/2017 Texas Brown 0ct. 29pt.
1/31/2017 Missouri Yellow 0ct. 8pt.
1/31/2017 Texas Brown 0ct. 7pt.